October is coming

And here comes October, with a chill in the air, but some beautifully sunny days. We are already out and about this month with a sunny Sunday. I can’t wait to see the changes that will take place on my walk around over the next few months There is already far more fungi around, which is … More October is coming

Autumn is coming

Autumn is coming and it is a wonderful thing. I’m looking forward to lots of chilly walks, with plenty of flora and fauna to spot on the walks. We’ve already made a start with a few walks taking place in September. Luckily we have plenty of amazing trails to explore around the RSPB reserve To … More Autumn is coming

A small paws

Well it’s been a month since I last posted and there hasn’t been any baking updates or follow up on wip progress, but there is a reason for a lack of updates. These two cute bounding bundles joined the family and we’ve all been a little preoccupied. Meet Hubert and Harris. As I’m sitting writing … More A small paws

A May walk

We’re trying to spend less time on various electronic devices in the house and more time having some family fun, so a walk was in order last week. There are some members of the family that would argue a walk is not fun, but it was too beautiful a day to stop us and the … More A May walk

April’s baking

There wasn’t much baking in April, mainly because we didn’t have much of a fridge freezer in April. Ours died a slow death, taking two grocery shops with it before finally being sent to fridge freezer hell. Finally our new one came into our lives but the dramatic end of our old curtailed many baking … More April’s baking